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If you are interested in scheduling a telehealth visit, please call 208-346-7500 or email us at telehealth@pearlhealth.org

Providers Currently Offering Telehealth Services

First Name Last Name
 Colin Waters
 Katrina (Dasenbrock) Forsmann
Adam Nickell
Anna Palmer
Bonita Avery
Briana Allen
Cristina Sanchez
Dan McGrath
Denise Navarro
Doug Hulett
Fran Acoba
Hsiang-Hua Wang
Jaxson Stark
Jenn Kerner
John Collins
Krystalrose Worthington
Leisa Watkins
Meta Schmitz
Michelle Marchant
Quinn Thibodeau
Rebecca Wood
Richie Kuipers
Rosemary Brown
Shayla Anderson
Stephen DeNagy
Tiffany Grant
Tim Hughes
Tyler Pond
Zak Warren
Becca Hardee
Robert Hardee

Why Use Telehealth?

Online Video Appointments

Anyone can take part in online Telehealth. This way of communicating requires only an internet connection and a web-enabled camera. Be that on your laptop, or on your smartphone. Getting the treatment you need, while saving time and ensuring safe social distancing.

Maintaining Health From Your Home

Ensure you get the dedicated treatment you need from the comfort of your home. Save the trip to the Dr.'s Office and communicate remotely. Limiting your social interactions at this trying time, while maintaining your health.

Becoming Stronger Together

Now more than ever, it's imperative that we work together to improve everyone's health. By practicing social distancing, and communicating with doctors from home, we are able to ensure your health as well as the doctors and medical personnel that are essential to maintaining your health, and others.

How Do I Use Telehealth?

Use Your Computer


Use Your Smartphone

Use Your Tablet

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