Substance Abuse

Eliminating patient dependency on harsh substances and regaining control of their life is possible at Pearl Health Clinic. We count with a substance abuse program that provides full support and a solid methodology to patient’s recovery. The abuse or misuse of Suboxone, or other drugs, including prescription medications is of concern at Pearl Health Clinic.

Candidates for our program must follow the direction of their physician and other treatment providers. The doctor and other clinicians will be able to determine the level of care needed for a person to become sober and prevent relapse. Regular urinalysis tests are performed in order to both monitor compliance to the program and also to prevent medical concerns for the participant.

Our primary concern is the wellbeing of the participant, and when an individual fails to comply with treatment, it may pose a risk to their health and safety.

As such, there may be occasion to discharge an individual from our program or to refer them to another provider or facility that may better meet their individual needs for recovery.

Pearl Health Clinic’s out-patient program involves:

  • Weekly group therapy sessions (required).
  • Weekly or biweekly or monthly individualized counseling as determined by treatment failure.
  • Regular medication management appointments.