Neurofeedback Therapy

Neurofeedback sessions are a non-invasive alternative way of improving your quality of life. This is training for the brain to increase stability of neural activity that is necessary for the brain to function either in low or high arousal states. Stabilizing the brain increases one’s ability to relax which allows for reduced anxiety, increased focus, regulation of sleep cycles, as well as improving many other mood disorders and physical health needs.

How It Works:

Three electrodes are applied to the scalp in locations that are determined by a trained therapist for your individual needs. The electrical activity of your brain is monitored through a software program that lets you, as a client see the activity in your brain on a monitor.

This monitor displays either a game, relaxing video or movie. Neural activity controls the clarity and size of the images. Your brain naturally wants the screen to be clear and large. Therefore your neural activity will work to keep it this way.

It is through this regulation of brain activity that your brain learns how to work at its optimal capacity. The stability your brain is learning is helpful for stabilizing everything your brain controls from moods, sleep, focus, pain, and other mental and physical elements.