Neuropsychological / Psychological Testing

Neuropsychological and psychological testing utilize scientific methods to measure an individual’s neuropsychological and psychological characteristics. Tests compare an individual’s performance to that of their peers using statistical methods.

Pearl Health Clinic offers a broad range of testing services for children, adolescents, adults and seniors. The data obtained from tests informs diagnosis, treatment planning, referrals, and placement.

Tests tend to fall into the following two categories:

  • Task Based Assessments require the examinee to complete tasks. For example, to memorize a lists of words. The examinee’s ability to memorize the list is the compared to the averages for same age individuals, allowing the psychologist to determine memory ability.
  • Rating Scales are completed by the examinee or an individual familiar with the examinee. For example, a teacher may complete a behavior rating scale regarding the intensity of a student’s misbehavior. The teacher’s ratings are compared to the average misbehavior of same age students, allowing the psychologist to determine the severity of the misbehavior.

Testing is necessary when a question cannot be answered solely via interview by a clinician.

For example: intellectual ability or memory. Testing will aid in understanding intricacies in interviews, making proper diagnosis and treatment planning and understanding.