Case Management

Case Management services assist people who need a professional coordinator due to their limited ability to obtain or arrange services for themselves. The goal of the program is to assist people with mental illnesses in obtaining the basic services required to live as independently as possible in their communities. Children, teenagers, adults and seniors can all benefit from an overall transformation and betterment of life.

Case Managers coordinate services and service providers for the individual when they are not able to do this for themselves. The goal of Case Management is to ensure a person is receiving the support they need while working to increase the individual’s ability for self-support and self-advocacy, assisting individuals by linking services and providers together for seamless treatment to promote independence and self-directed care.

Case managers assist clients in making the most informed decisions about critically important issues. The decisions collaboratively made between patients and Case Managers could possibly affect them throughout the rest of their lives.

Our Case Managers at Pearl Health Clinic are most interested in seeing change, making a difference and looking at the outcomes of their support working with individuals and families. Through service coordination and linking individuals to services we are able to provide effective treatment that create big changes for people.